Murderer’s Thumb Print Cookies

I have very strange looking thumbs. They are flat, and square, and resemble a big toe.

"Thumbnail image"

My thumbs make bowling difficult—how to find a ball light enough for my weak paltry arms, but with a hole large enough to fit my wide toe-like thumb?

I am not the only person in the world with these thumbs. Apparently, according to what I am sure is a very reliable blog, Megan Fox has them too. Apparently they are also problematic for nail salon professionals.

This physiological anomaly is referred to as Murderer’s Thumbs or Potter’s Thumbs, and apparently a lot of people have them. Also, they signify nothing—I am neither a murder, nor a potter. Though I do occasionally like gardening, and I will kill insects that annoy me or my wife.

But more importantly, I’ve launched a new blog—The Gourmale. Here, I’ll write about stuff I cook and eat, and will include the occasional rumination on why I cook and eat what I cook and eat.

Today, I’m baking these almond thumb print cookies—it’s a recipe I found on Epicurious. My mom used to make thumb print cookies when I was a kid (as I suspect yours may have as well) and I have fond memories of them.

For me, it was finally something for which my flat, shovel-like thumbs were useful.

This is likely not anything like her recipe, and I was lacking matzoh meal (which I found strange to see in a cookie recipe) so I followed one of the reviewers comments (sort of) and replaced that with ground pecan meal which (they used almond meal) I bought at the Echo Park Farmer’s Market.

I’m preparing them for a dinner party at my friend Peter B’s house—I’ve instructed him how to marinate a leg-of-lamb in garlic, olive oil and rosemary, and I’ll help him grill it on his extraordinarily expensive Weber grill. The only other time he’s used the grill is when I was there last time to christen it.

Sometimes I wish I had an expensive grill, but then, my Weber kettle seems to work just fine.

Here’s how the cookies turned out. A little flatter and squatter than I remembered them, and one of the centers fell out. Also, I clearly need to buy a cooling rack.

Ah well. Let’s hope the lamb works.


10 responses to “Murderer’s Thumb Print Cookies

  1. Damnit! Another Food Blog I have to read every day! Awesome. Looking forward to reading about the eats, Dan! Ya’ll wll have to spend an extra day up here next USAG season…Man you would eat well. Hope your Holidays are going great! Happy New Year!

  2. I’d like a recipe for almond-encrusted thumbs please.

  3. Psyched for Gourmale dude! You are such a foodie: it was just a matter of time before the food and wine blogosphere sucked you in! congrats on the launch: you are the “air apparent”!

    Happy holidays, too! blog on…

  4. p.s. those thumbs also happen to play some pretty tasty riffs!

  5. You cook with those thumbs?

  6. I hope the cookies were delicious. Can you do thumbprint mashed potatoes? That’s Megan Fox’s favorite food.

  7. No wonder those cookies didn’t rock. They weren’t MY recipe. Post the new one, use the same thumb and ENJOY some amazing Thumb Print Cookies.

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  9. i have toe thumbs too, they’re actually pretty neat though, however they can be difficult sometimes, and Megan Fox does have them too 🙂

  10. Hi

    I have them too! I hate them 😦 I try to hide them as best as possible.

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