Putting a Pig’s Foot in Your Mouth

The Gourmale presents the first installment in his ongoing series, Guystronomy, in which he cooks a pig’s foot, or trotter, according to a terrible recipe he found online and can no longer seem to find.

The goal: simplicity. The result: gross.

I obtained the trotter from my favorite butcher, McCall’s Meat & Fish in Los Angeles. It had come from a Berkshire Pig who ate nothing but acorns his entire life. (Note – I did cook/eat other portions of this little piggy that were mind-blowing). The recipe said to boil the trotter for about 45 minutes, or until tender. I boiled mine for nearly 3 hours and it remained solid as a…well…a foot.

Then, I was to score the flesh, and lather the foot in honey and brown sugar. I added some herbs as well – fresh sage and thyme from the garden. Roast at 400 for about an hour, and voila! Vile, gummy, and almost entirely inedible.

I think next time (not that there will ever be a next time) I would try Thomas Keller’s recipe from Bouchon; but really, that seems like a LOT of work…


2 responses to “Putting a Pig’s Foot in Your Mouth

  1. Thank you for trying this, so I don’t have to! (Video looks great, more please!)

  2. Oh, if only I hadn’t retired my blog, heebnvegan!

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