How to Satisfy Your Wife

The Gourmale shows you how to satisfy your wife—in a mere 3.5 minutes!! Please remember, I’m not a chef – I’m just a dude who digs food. This episode focuses primarily on braising, which is an amazing way to get food both golden brown, and incredibly moist and tender.

Recipes featured in this video include the following. I don’t really measure stuff, I kind of play it as it lays:

Quick Brussels Sprouts Salad with Toasted Walnuts and Pecorino
Toast crushed walnuts in a pan over med-high heat for about 5 mins until golden brown, and let cool. Shave brussels sprouts (pref. with a mandoline), grate pecorino, add walnuts. Squeeze 1/2 lemon over, add a fair portion of extra-virgin olive oil and toss. If you’re feelin citrus’y, add some orange slices. Tasty.

Roasted Rosemary Sweet Potato
Peel, and then poke some holes in a sweet potato. Then coat with olive oil and sprinkle with freshly chopped rosemary, salt (kosher or Maldon) and pepper. Roast for about 45-60 mins on 450. Turn once during cooking – about half-way through.

Braised Fennel with Fresh Oregano and White Wine
Trim fennel bulbs (removing fronds) and slice into 3/4″ thick pieces. Sauté in olive oil until golden brown – about 5 minutes. Turn them over, add salt, chopped fresh oregano (or thyme would work well too), 1/2 c white wine, 1/2 c chick or veg stock and cover. Put in the oven on 450 for about 20 mins.

Braised Chicken Legs with Sage and Lemon
Rub chicken legs (thighs would work nicely here too) with lemon. Sprinkle salt, pepper, and cayenne, then chopped fresh sage on both sides. In a heavy pan, heat olive oil on med-high heat, then add chicken legs, skin side down. Cook for about 7 minutes until golden brown, then flip them over. Squeeze the rest of the lemon and the other half, add them to the pan. Then pour in some white wine (about 1/2 c), cover, and reduce heat to low. Let them braise in the liquid for about 25 mins, depending on the size of the legs. (Small legs I’ve pulled out at 20 mins and they were perfect).

For the sauce: heat and scrape up the drippings, add a little more white wine and stir until it’s thickened a bit, then pour over the chicken.

If that doesn’t satisfy your wife…nothing will.


2 responses to “How to Satisfy Your Wife

  1. thanks for this great post, gourmale! question: when you braise the chicken, should the amount of olive oil and white wine actually come up and around the chicken? if so, i guess it just requires getting the right sized pan. eh? 🙂 and last question… do you cover things while they are braising or just leave them uncovered so they reduce more?

    • You could use breasts, yes. Just make sure they’re good breasts! And skin on will give you a better sauce. If you want to lose the skin, lose it afterwards. And you just need enough oil to make a slippery surface in the pan – prob about a tablespoon. And the wine and stock don’t cover the chicken, they kind of steam it – the juices end up about 1/4 of the way up the legs. Definitely cover while braising – that’s the whole key. First brown, uncovered. Then add a little liquid, reduce heat and cover. It steams the food basically and makes it tender and delish.

      Thanks for your question!

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